The Creator

I am Sarah, creator of Beauty Bespoken and a fine art hair & makeup artist.

It was the summer I’d launched Beauty Bespoken when my husband and I went on a white water rafting trip—easily one of the wildest yet best activities I’ve ever done. On the drive to the rafting site, we passed through breathtaking forests with some of the most majestic views I’ve ever seen. “What an inspiring artist God is,” I thought. If I could tap into the slightest flavor of HIS imagination, that would be more than enough for me. Because I believe His artistry is more than beautiful, it is healing.

I chose the word bespoken to represent my business because it means to testify to. And so it is through the art of hair & makeup that I seek to testify to your beauty because the absolute truth is: you are precious, you are beautiful.

1 Peter 3:4

Let’s connect and talk about beauty things together!

Photography: Meg Marie Photo