Virginia's Testimonial

Photography: Kathleen Kent

Photography: Kathleen Kent


Sarah was an absolute dream to work with. I had a bridal preview with her, and she and an assistant, Gina, did makeup for me, my three bridesmaids, and my mother. I, along with my wedding party, had fears about looking overly made-up--none of us wear a ton of makeup and still wanted to look like ourselves. Sarah and Gina absolutely accomplished that! I felt so beautiful on my wedding day, but more importantly, I felt like ME. 

When Sarah did my bridal preview several months before my wedding, she was able to both make recommendations and listen to my input (most of which, upon wearing the blush and lip colors I selected for a few hours, I realized didn't work for me at all). Sarah recalibrated everything based on the things I didn't love from our initial preview and was very patient and kind when I went through 20+ lip color ideas and texted her panicked photos of swatches on my arm. I still wasn't sure what color I wanted on the big day, and she brought four beautiful lipsticks that were exactly what I was going for and helped me pick the right one. She also gave me a full-size lipstick for reapplication throughout the day (though admittedly I forgot to do this...whoops). 

While getting ready before my 11 a.m. wedding, Sarah worked so well with my hairstylist (who I'd hired separately) and even lent her a mirror and other things my hairstylist had forgotten. She also helped clean up the hotel room and get everyone packed up so we could head to the venue since my hairstylist got behind on finishing my style. 

In short, she went above and beyond, and I cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah Anne