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About ME

How I Began

Putting on my pink twirly skirt, singing songs from “The Donut Man” while using my mom’s turkey baster as a microphone—since being that little girl, playing dress up has been my most favorite thing ever. It’s no surprise I’ve pursued a career in beauty—it’s basically just the grown up version. But that’s what makes the art of hair & makeup so special: it’s imaginative, inspiring, and transformative—all the things creativity is made of. As a young 20-something, I would stay up late watching YouTube tutorials and later spend my entire paycheck at Sephora to recreate the looks I’d learned. It was the creativity of makeup that inspired me to study and work in skin care. During that time, I would often create makeup looks for friends & family attending special events. And just a few years later, my dream of using my creativity through makeup manifested in what it is now: Beauty Bespoken.

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Sarah became a licensed medical aesthetician


Sarah began freelancing as a makeup artist


Sarah launched Beauty Bespoken